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What is our strategy meeting and why do you need it?

If you are a company that has a mobile application, your monetization is based on in-app purchases and ad revenue. We are sure that you mostly focus on improving the number of downloads, retention and increasing the number / length of sessions.

Basically, the formula is: Longer the players stay, the more profit you will earn. Recognize that each user is different, treat them differently. Give them the delightful application they deserve. Make your users happy to make them stay longer and spend more.

Nava is here to maximise your revenue and success. We are not making magic, it is all machine learning. Unleash the power of data and grow with Nava!

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Call Session Flow

What will happen during the process?
  1. Set Your Meeting, Find The Best Time For Yourself
  2. Our Game Veterans Analyze Your Application Before The Meeting
  3. We Will Discuss What Your Game Needs In The Session

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